Istanbul, one of the largest and most historic cities in the Middle East and Europe, has great importance around the world in terms of real estate market. The rapidly developing and growing construction sector in recent years has made Istanbul an attractive center for both foreign and domestic investors.

As a result, the real estate sector has become a necessary service, especially for the foreign investors. Today, there are hundreds of real estate companies in Istanbul that are big or small. If investing is the point, it is important not to find a real estate agent, but to find a real estate agent who does the job honestly and righteous. Unfortunately, everyone who claims to be a real estate agent thinks it is a real estate agent. But the real estate sector requires both experience and respect. If your goal is only to make money, you forget that you are selling a home to people and you can’t do your job properly. When you think about all this, competition in the rapidly growing and developing Istanbul real estate market is shaped not only by money but also by respect and honesty.